Government appoints Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development for next four-year term

Government Communications DepartmentNational Commission on Sustainable Development
Publication date 27.2.2020 14.13 | Published in English on 2.3.2020 at 12.04
Press release 99/2020

On 27 February, the Government appointed a new National Commission on Sustainable Development for 2020–2023. The Commission will be chaired by Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen and Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni were appointed as Vice-Chairs.

The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development is an influential forum bringing together important actors in society. The Commission promotes cooperation in order to achieve the sustainable development goals and strives to integrate the strategic objectives of sustainable development into the national policy, administration and social practices.

During its new term, the Commission will be tasked with speeding up the implementation of the Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In addition, it will participate in the preparation of the Agenda 2030 roadmap. The roadmap describes the measures Finland is taking in order to meet the objectives of Agenda 2030 and defines a schedule for achieving them. The Commission will also monitor and assess the implementation of Agenda 2030 in Finland.

Another key task of the Commission is to promote, monitor, assess and communicate the results of the national Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development – The Finland We Want by 2050. Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development is a shared long-term vision of the Finland we want to see in the future. During its current term, the Commission issue an opinion on the renewal of the social commitment.

The Secretary-General of the Commission is Annika Lindblom, Senior Ministerial Adviser for International Affairs at the Ministry of the Environment, and the Deputy Secretary-General is Marja Innanen, Chief Specialist at the Prime Minister’s Office. Along with the General Secretariat, a network of coordinators for sustainable development consisting of representatives from different ministries is responsible for preparing the work of the Commission. In addition, the work of the Commission during the coming term will be supported and strengthened by the Expert Panel for Sustainable Development and the Agenda 2030 Youth Group.

The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development holds 2–3 meetings per year. It also organises workshops, seminars, campaigns and other gatherings.

Inquiries: Marja Innanen, Chief Specialist, tel. +358 40 777 5582, Prime Minister’s Office