The state of sustainable development in Finland is monitored by monitoring indicators agreed in the National Sustainable Development Monitoring Network. Experts from different thematic areas draw up annual descriptions of the situation in different areas of sustainable development on the basis of indicators. The annual Citizens' Panel on Sustainable Development enables citizens to participate in the assessment of the state of sustainable development in Finland.

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development will read the discussions and pick out topics to be promoted in various ways. The key messages are compiled and presented at the annual event on the state and future of sustainable development each May.

The purpose of the monitoring and discussion that arises is to

  • create a comprehensive picture of how Finland succeeds in promoting sustainable development and
  • identify the pain points in sustainable development and challenges for consistent policies.


The monitoring is based on the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, “The Finland we want by 2050”. The Society’s Commitment is Finland’s way of implementing the global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and its Sustainable Development Goals.

The eight objectives of the commitment present the target state for sustainable development in Finland in 2050. The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development defined the objectives in 2013.

Progress towards the target state is monitored by means of 10 indicator baskets linked to the commitment. The indicators were defined in spring 2017 by the network of experts that carries out the monitoring.

Each basket contains 4 to 5 indicators. The state of the indicators in each basket is updated on an annual basis. In connection with the update the public authority who knows the content of the basket provides an interpretation of the indicators where the state of the basket is considered from the perspective of sustainable development. The updating of the baskets takes place between September and May. There is a preliminary estimate of the time of update for each basket.

Check out the indicator baskets and the latest analysis texts on the Indicator baskets page!

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