Expert Panel on Sustainable Development

The Expert Panel on Sustainable Development, hosted by Sitra, ensures that the voices of academic and internationally recognised experts make more of an impact in society. The panel was established in December 2013 to inspire action on sustainable development, by giving science a voice on the Finnish political scene. The panel contributes to public discussions and supports the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development in its work. The Expert Panel is led by Senior Lead Eeva Hellström from Sitra.



Director of the Environmental Policy Centre, professor Eeva Furman, Environmental Policy Centre (chair)
Research Director Eva Heiskanen, Consumer Society Research Centre
Professor of Social and Public Policy Heikki Hiilamo, University of Helsinki
Post-doctoral Researcher Tuuli Hirvilammi, University of Jyväskylän
Professor of Environmental Policy Janne Hukkinen, University of Helsinki
Associate Professor of Economics, SVP Jaakko Kiander, Finance & Governance and Pension Policy, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Professor at the Faculty of Theology Anne Birgitta Pessi, University of Helsinki
Professor of Sociology Juho Saari, University of Eastern Finland