Expert Panel on Sustainable Development

A new Expert Panel for Sustainable Development has been named. The panel was coordinated by Sitra for five years and from January 2019 onwards, the panel has three hosts; Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science of University of Helsinki (HELSUS), Natural Recourses Center (LUKE) and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

The Expert Panel supports the Commission for Sustainable Development in order for it to have an impact on decision-making and public discussion by bringing evidence based understanding. The panel also further advances linking complicated questions for fitting environmental, economic and social aspects together.

The Panel has a wide variety of expertise from sustainable development

Suggestions for panelist were asked from Finnish universities, research institutes, science institutes and ministries. From a vast number of suggestions, the directors of the host organizations called ten professors, who represent many aspects of sustainable development. The panel’s term is three years.

The Panel is coordinated by Katariina Soini from Natural Recourses Center and is chaired by Professor Eeva Furman from the Finnish Environment Institute.


Director of the Environmental Policy Centre, professor Eeva Furman, Environmental Policy Centre (chair)
Professor of Sustainability Management Minna Halme, Aalto-University
Professor of Public Health Jouni Jaakkola, University of Oulu
Professor of Natural Resources and Environment Mikko Mönkkönen, University of Jyväskylän
Professor of Environmental Management and Economics Lassi Linnanen, LUT-university
Professor of Health- and Social-Politics Juho Saari, University of Tampere
Dosent for the Finland Futures Research Centre Katariina Siivonen, University of Turku
Professor of Socialpedagogy Arto.O Salonen, University of Eastern Finland
Tenure track Professor for Geoinformatics Tuuli Toivonen, University of Helsinki
Professor of Forest Ecology,Anne Tolvanen, Natural Recourse Center