Composition of the National Commission on Sustainable Development

The members represent a broad spectrum of sectors and stakeholders in our society. The Secretaries-General of the Development Policy Committee and the round table on climate policy have been invited to serve as permanent experts.

The committee is chaired by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and deputised by 1) Minister Sandra Bergqvist, 2) Minister Sari Essayah, 3) Minister Kai Mykkänen. During the new term, the vice-chairs will be Saana Ylikruuvi from the Agenda 2030 Youth Group and Antti Herlin from Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation.

The Secretary-General of the Commission is Eeva Furman, Chief Specialist at the Prime Minister's Office and the Deputy Secretary-General is Taru Savolainen, Chief Specialist at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Commission is convened about twice a year for a thematic meeting, and it also organises different kinds of seminars and events.

Members, deputy members and permanent experts during the term 2024-2027


Parliament and self-government bodies

Deputy member
MP Noora Fagerström,
National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group
MP Heikki Autto,
National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group
MP Antti Kangas,
Finns Party Parliamentary Group
MP Anne Rintamäki,
Finns Party Parliamentary Group
MP Timo Harakka,
Social Democratic Parliamentary Group
MP Lotta Hamari,
Social Democratic Parliamentary Group
MP Vesa Kallio,
Centre Party Parliamentary Group
MP Olga Oinas-Panuma,
Centre Party Parliamentary Group
MP Krista Mikkonen,
Green Parliamentary Group 
MP Inka Hopsu,
Green Parliamentary Group
MP Hanna Sarkkinen,
Left Alliance Parliamentary Group
MP Aino-Kaisa Pekonen,
Left Alliance Parliamentary Group
MP Mats Löfström,
Swedish Parliamentary Group
MP Anders Norrback, 
Swedish Parliamentary Group
MP Sari Tanus,
Christian Democratic Parliamentary Group
MP Peter Östman,
Christian Democratic Parliamentary Group
Minister Camilla Gunell, Ålands landskapsregering Huvudsekreterare Micke Larsson,
Ålands utvecklings- och hållbarhetsråd
Chair Piritta Näkkäläjärvi, Finnish Sámi I Deputy chair Leo Aikio, Finnish Sámi
Ministries Deputy member
Counsellor Sami Pirkkala,
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Counsellor for Foreign Affairs Marianne Nissilä,
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Director General Jukka Aalto,
Ministry of the Interior
Senior Specialist Ilona Suojanen,
Ministry of the Interior
Director of the Community and Environmental Unit 
Sara Kajander, Ministry of Defence
Chief of logistics, Brigadier General Timo 
Saarinen, The Finnish Defence Forces
Strategy and Research Director Olli Kärkkäinen,
Ministry of Finance
Senior Ministerial Adviser Johanna von Knorring-Rosenlew, Ministry of Finance
Counsellor for Cultural Affairs Satu Heikkinen,
Ministry of Education and Culture
Senior Ministerial Adviser Marjo Vesalainen, Ministry of Education and Culture
Permanent Secretary Pekka Pesonen,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Director General Tuula Packalen,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Senior Ministerial Adviser Mikael Nyberg,
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Director of Strategic Affairs Anna Similä,
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Permanent State Under-Secretary Elina Pylkkänen,
Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Ministerial Adviser Leena Pentikäinen,
Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Director General Raimo Antila,
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Director Taru Koivisto,
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Permanent Secretary Juhani Damski,
Ministry of the Environment
Director General Tarja Haaranen,
Ministry of the Environment
Unit Manager Vava Lunabba,
Ministry of Justice
Senior management Carola Hautamäki,
Ministry of Justice
Director General Harri Martikainen,
Prime Minister’s Office
Ministerial Adviser Taina Kulmala,
Prime Minister’s Office
Municipalities and the regions Deputy member
Mayor Minna Arve, City of Turku Mayor Marjukka Manninen, Municipality of Ii
Division Director Jukka Santala,
Wellbeing services county of Päijät-Häme
Region Mayor Markus Hirvonen, Regional Council of North Karelia
Director of developing Sini Sallinen,
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
Executive Director Aleksi Koivisto, Suomen kylät - Finlands Byar
Other public administration Deputy member
Ombudsman for Children Elina Pekkarinen  Ombudsman Discrimination and equality Kristina Stenman
Business and economy Deputy member
Manager Tiina Vuoristo,
Finnish Forest Industries
Director Juha Ruippo, Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners
Director Joona Turtiainen,
Finnish Energy Industries
Executive Director Tapio Tuomi,
Finnish Clean Energy Association
Director of Public Affairs Jukka Ihanus,
Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation (ETL)
Director Hannele Vuorimies,
Metso, FinnMin (Finnish Mining Association)
Chief Policy Adviser Marja Ola,
Federation of Finnish Commerce
Economist Roope Ohlsbom,
Federation of Finnish Enterprises
Research Director Mika Juutinen,
Local Government and County Employers KT
Expert of Social relations Mikko Koikkalainen, Industrial Union
Director Ulla Heinonen,
Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK)
Verksamhetsledare Jonas Laxåback, Svenska lantbruksproducenternas centralförbund r.fF
Chief Executive Officer Kimmo J. Lipponen,
Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS
International Affairs Specialist Salla Nazarenko, Union of Journalists in Finland (UJF)
Director Heikki Kuutti Uusitalo,
Finnish Education Employers (FEE)
Chair of the Board Markus Lindqvist,
FINSIF - Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum 
Head of Public Affairs and Responsibility Pirita Ruokonen, Finance Finland (FFI) Chair of the Board Markus Lindqvist,
FINSIF - Finland's Sustainable Investment Forum
Chief Specialist Pia Björkbacka,
Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK)
Special Adviser Lauri Kurvonen,
Trade Union of Education in Finland
International Affairs Jaakko Haikonen,
Finnish Confederation of Professionals (STTK)
Adviser Mikko Laakkonen,
Service Union United PAM
General Secretary Mikko Salo, Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences Loimu, Akava - Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland Special Adviser Lauri Kurvonen,
Trade Union of Education in Finland
Organisations Deputy member
Executive Director Juha-Erkki Mäntyniemi,
Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo
Executive Director Rilli Lappalainen,
Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland
Advisor, Climate and Environment Elina Mikola,
Amnesty International / Finland
Advocacy Work Officer Jenni Kauppila,
UN Association of Finland
Executive Director Anna Munsterhjelm,
The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi
Executive Director Anna Muotka,
Foundation for Environmental Education FEE Finland
Development Manager Tytti Pantsar,
Finnish Folk High School Association
Specialist Heidi Holmroos,
Martha Organization
Chairperson (advocacy) Pekka Rantala,
Seta – LGBTI Rights in Finland 
Director of Public Administration
Milla Aaltonen, UNICEF Finland 
Secretary General Rosa Meriläinen, KULTA ry – a Central Organization for Finnish Culture and Arts Associations International Affairs Specialist Salla Nazarenko, Union of Journalists in Finland
Managing Director Ville Wahlberg,
Baltic Sea Action Group
Executive director Kati White,
SEY Animal Welfare Finland
Executive Director Tapani Veistola,
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC)
Conservation Director Jari Luukkonen,
WWF Finland
Executive Director Riku Eskelinen,
Finnish Nature Association
Head of Greenpeace in Finland Touko Sipiläinen, Greenpeace Nordic
Executive Director Tuula Colliander,
Olivia Koskinen, Fem-R ry (Feminist and anti-racist civil society organisation)
Chief Executive Officer Juha Pantzar,
Guarantee Foundation, Finnish Society for Social and Health SOSTE
Executive Director Sari Aalto-Matturi,
MIELI Mental Health Finland
Lawyer Terhi Toikkanen, Hengitystuki ry,
Finnish Disability Forum
Head of Organisation Annina Heini, Threshold Association, Finnish Disability Forum 
Chair of the Board Olga Silfver,
MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland
Executive Director Sari Aalto-Matturi,
MIELI Mental Health Finland
Head of Organisation Marjo Salmela,
Kansalaisareena - Citizen Forum
Secretary General Milla Kalliomaa,
Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
Vice Chair of the Board Taru Anttonen,
Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations NYTKIS
Executive Director Tomi Timperi,
Miessakit Association
Manager of Ngo Work Kirsti Kuusterä,
Finnish Federation of Settlement Houses,
EAPN-Fin (Part of the European Anti Poverty Network)
Chief Legal Officer Kati Malinen, 
Taxpayers Association of Finland
Religious communities Deputy member
Observer Member of the Board Gurmann Saini (from 17 April full Member), National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE Forum) Director Jarmo Kokkonen, National Office of the Church Council, (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland)
Research and innovations Deputy member
Senior Director Jarmo Heinonen, Business Finland Director of Sustainability Solutions Lasse Miettinen, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
Chair of the Board, Vice Rector Marja-Leena Laakso, University of Jyväskylä, Rectors’ Council of Finnish Universities UNIFI  Director Laura Raaska, Academy of Finland
Director General Antti Koivula, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Tulanet (cooperation body of eleven Finnish government research institutes) Professor Janne Hukkinen,
Council of Finnish Academies
Chair of the Board Antti Herlin, TAH Foundation
(Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation) 
Member of the Board and Chair of the Commerce Committee Pertti Lassila, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation
Culture and media  
Director, responsible operations Irene Tommiska-Jarva,
Yle - The Finnish Public Service Media Company
Deputy Director Liisa Savolainen,
National Library of Finland
Special Advisor Antti Huntus,
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
CEO Lauri Tuomi,
Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation
Permanent experts  
Secretary General of the Finnish Development Policy Marikki Karhu  
Equal Chair Saana Ylikruuvi, Finnish Agenda 2030 Youth Group  
Chair, professor Lassi Linnanen, Expert Panel for Sustainable Development  
Managing Director Elina Moisio, Motiva Ltd  
Executive Director Marja Innanen, UN Global Compact Network Finland  
Research Manager Jukka Hoffren, Statistics Finland