The General Secretariat on Sustainable Development/Prime Minister’s Office – Finland

The role of the General Secretariat on Sustainable Development is twofold: it implements the sustainable development policies and strategies of the Finnish Government and facilitates the work on sustainable development in our society.

By coordination at the central government level General Secretariat ensures that progress is being made in the implementation of the global 2030 Agenda in all government branches and at all levels, and that it is integrated into all key operations and processes, including Government’s programs and main strategies, the Budget planning, Government annual reports and monitoring and follow-up systems.

Work is also done to root sustainable development broadly to the Finnish society. This takes place by supporting the work of the National Commission on Sustainable Development and implementing the Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, which is our national sustainable development strategy. Secretariat works closely with the 2030 Agenda Youth group and the Expertpanel.

The General Secretariat also has an active role in influencing sustainable development work in the EU, UN, OECD and Nordic contexts.


Contact us

Sami Pirkkala, Secretary General
Prime Minister's Office
tel. +358 295 160 487

Marja Innanen, Deputy Secretary General
Prime Minister's Office
tel. +358 295 160 027