Finnish National Contact Point examined two cases for compliance with OECD Guidelines

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 26.10.2020 14.32
News item

Finland is committed to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, which are recommendations presented by governments to multinational enterprises for responsible business conduct in a global context. During this year, the Finnish National Contact Point (NCP) has examined two complaints concerning compliance with the Guidelines.

Because of the broad content of the Guidelines, complaints about compliance with the Guidelines typically differ from each other.

One complaint concerned the subcontracting arrangements of a company acquired by Nokia Oyj in Argentina. The complaint related to reporting obligations, tax and social security contributions and issues concerning employment relationships. The NCP gave its view on the complaint after consulting the parties and carefully assessing the complaint. The NCP noted that Nokia had not violated the OECD Guidelines.

The other complaint concerned the selection of a subcontractor by Kone Oyj’s distributor in Iraq. The NCP decided not to take the complaint into further consideration, because it related to disputes between enterprises, which do not fall within the scope of the OECD Guidelines.

Guidelines promote responsible business conduct

The OECD Guidelines are the only international code of responsible business conduct that governments have committed to promoting. Each country that has committed to the Guidelines has established a National Contact Point, which makes the Guidelines known and monitors compliance with them. In Finland, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, together with the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, serves as the National Contact Point.

Any party may lodge a complaint with the NCP if the party suspects that a Finnish enterprise abroad or a foreign enterprise operating in Finland does not comply with the OECD Guidelines. In that case, the NCP will consider whether the complaint meets the criteria set out in the OECD Guidelines to qualify for the complaint procedure. If the criteria are met, the NCP will take the complaint into further examination.

The NCP also offers mediation to the parties. At the end of the complaint procedure, the NCP will publish its decision explaining the content of the complaint and the conclusions it has reached on the basis of the complaint.


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