SDG Action Weekend side-event 16 September 2023: Multi-stakeholder platforms enhance the sustainability transformation for Agenda2030: Cases from local to global

Publication date 1.9.2023 10.43

The Government of Finland, UN Global Compact Indonesia, UN Global Compact Finland and Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies are co-organising a side-event focusing on the role of multi-stakeholder platforms in advancing the implementation of Agenda2030 on 16 September 2023 at 12.15-13.45 at the UN Headquarters, as part of the SDG Action Weekend.

Active multi-stakeholder platforms and networks for sustainable development work in different contexts, with various histories and futures. Some have existed for long, like Finland´s Commission for Sustainable Development with a 30-year history, while others are in their early years or just being developed, like the Global Forum. 

This side-event focuses on sharing experiences and lessons learned as well as discussing future steps to enhance the sustainability transformation in societies. The questions are set two-directionally: first, how the sustainability work of the platforms’ members benefits from being part of such networks; and second, how the sustainability transformation can be speeded up through multi-stakeholder collaboration in a just manner.

The panellists include members of global, European and national multi-stakeholder platforms, business platforms and civil society.

Kindly note that all participants must register for the SDG Action Weekend through the UN system by 8 September 2023.

Event information on the SDG Action Weekend website 

For additional information regarding the side-event, please contact taru.savolainen(at)




  • Moderator: Eeva Furman, Secretary General, Finnish National Commission for Sustainable Development

Keynote speech: What are the most important sustainability questions where multi-stakeholder platforms can have a major role to play, and what are the leverage points for maximizing impact

  •  Professor Lassi Linnanen, Chair of Finland’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Development

Panel discussion: Practical experiences and challenges to gain impact through multi-stakeholder platforms

  • Rilli Lappalainen, President of CONCORD, the European Confederation of NGOs working on sustainable development and international cooperation
  • Josephine Satyono, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Indonesia
  • Anna Korpivaara, Customer Experience Director, MedGroup and Deputy Chair of Board, UN Global Compact Network Finland
  • Florence Syevuo, SDGs Kenya Forum
  • Veronica Tomei, Head of Division for United Nations

Discussion with the participants

Closing remarks

  • Eeva Furman, Secretary General, Finnish National Commission for Sustainable Developmen