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The newsletter tells about the progress of the Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, work of the Comission and international processes of sustainable development. The newsletter comes out approximately once a month and it is mainly in Finnish.  

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Communicate your Commitment

Have you already made a commitment and would like to communicate about it to others? Or would you like to challenge others to join? Here you can find material of the Society's Commitment. It is all free for use!  

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Spread the Commitment in Social Media!  

We have gathered you a social media material bank. You can use the material as it is or adjust it to fit your needs. We hope many Commitment makers participate through social media. Promoting sustainable development is both actions and communication.   

Cover photos

Upload here the official Commitment2050 cover photo (in Finnish): 

Upload here the official Commitment2050 -vision cover photo (in Finnish): 

Photos for updates

Upload here pictures for Commitment updates (in Finnish):

Commitment video

Upload the Commitment video and spread it to your network:

Agenda2030 material

Finland implements the global Agenda2030 for sustainable development through The Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development. Every commitment includes one or more Agenda2030 for sustainable development goals.

Each commitment maker can freely use the Agenda2030 header/update pictures. UN and UNPD have also provided communication material which is for everyone to use. 

Header/update pictures

Sustainable Development Goals