Sustainable Development Indicators

Finland's sustainable development indicators are being used to monitor and review the implementation of sustainable development in Finland. In future, the indicators will be used in particular to monitor the implementation of the objectives of Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, "The Finland we want by 2050".

As of 2000, figures illustrating sustainable development have been gathered into a set of indicators. These figures show clear trends in sustainable development, which often appears to be a very abstract concept. Thus, the indicators function as support for decision-making and as tools for monitoring sustainable development.

The set of indicators is an outcome of cooperation between several administrative branches, and therefore the indicators reflect a range of different views and starting points. The indicators illustrate the various areas of sustainable development in a diverse and comprehensive manner. The indicators for Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development were approved in April 2014.

National indicator work

Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development was adopted in December 2013. The Commitment was drawn up instead of a traditional strategy for sustainable development. The implementation of Society's Commitment is monitored with the help of indicators, which were approved in April 2014.

The first national set of sustainable development indicators was published in 2000. "Signs of Sustainability" included 83 indicators that were divided into ecological, economic and socio-cultural subcategories. They were then used to monitor and evaluate the national sustainable development strategy published in 1998.

The indicator set was updated twice in the early 2000s (in 2002 and 2004). Theme indicator leaflets were also introduced in the beginning of 2004, in support of the work of the National Commission on Sustainable Development.

In 2006, new indicators were published as part of the renewed national strategy for sustainable development. These indicators were updated in 2007 and 2009. Several indicators contained in the set are included in the service, where they are updated regularly.

The national network of indicator experts brings together national expertise on indicators

The Prime Minister’s Office appointed a national network of indicator experts in February 2012. The aim of the network is to ensure that broad-based, high-quality indicator work will continue to be an important part of the political decision-making in Finland. The network of experts

  • coordinates the national indicator projects, including the sustainable development indicators
  • strengthens indicator-related cooperation
  • supports the service.

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