Finland opens a service to help citizens combat climate change

Government Communications DepartmentNational Commission on Sustainable Development
Publication date 10.12.2018 10.40
Press release 586/2018

The Prime Minister’s Office announced the release of the Commitment2050 service for citizens at the Prime Minister’s “Finnish Climate Actions” discussion today. Using the service, anyone who wishes can draw up a personal plan and commit to reducing their carbon footprint by half. At the background of the unique new service is the online Sitra Lifestyle Test, which has already been completed more than half a million times.

“Climate change has received a great deal of attention this past autumn and many people are thinking about how their lifestyle affects the environment and their wellbeing. Now we are opening a service offering everyday solutions that anyone can use to help mitigate climate change. Making our own commitments makes it easier for us to have an impact and participate in achieving Finland’s climate goals,” says Chief Specialist Marja Innanen from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Commitment2050 service calculates users’ carbon footprint and points them towards everyday actions tailored specifically to their needs. The 100 different actions in the service help users to reduce their carbon footprint one step at a time. You can select the actions you are prepared to commit to. A similar service offering people tailored advice on halving their carbon footprints is not yet available in other countries – at least not yet.

“Around 68 per cent of our everyday impact on climate change comes from how we live and move around, what we eat and what kinds of goods and services we consume. If, for example, one adult in every Finnish family cuts their emissions by 20 per cent by the year 2030, we will achieve a total of 37 per cent of Finland’s emissions reduction target,” says Project Director Markus Terho from Sitra.

You can find inspiration for a more sustainable everyday life by looking at other Finns’ plans. You can post your commitment on the service, share it on social media and inspire others to get involved. You can update your commitment whenever you like, and the service can be set to remind you about the progress of your actions. You can also make your commitment using a pseudonym.

“Every individual plan is important and contributes to the national emissions reduction target. By making sustainable everyday choices, we can also improve our quality of life and health while saving time and money. The easiest way to achieve significant reductions in emissions is by avoiding unnecessary air travel, switching to electricity produced using renewable energy sources, adding more local vegetables, berries and fish to our meals and buying and renting used goods,” says Chief Specialist Anu Mänty from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The national launch campaign for the Commitment2050 service will begin on 27 December, and it will be visible to citizens via digital channels and social media, as well as in street advertising. In addition to the citizens’ campaign, companies, cities and other organisations are also encouraged to participate in making a personal commitment.

The Commitment2050 service is part of the Society’s Commitment to Sustainability working model, which is one of Finland’s key tools for implementing the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. More than 1000 operational commitments have already been made through the service. So far, they have mostly been made by companies, municipalities, schools and organisations.

“Now we want everyone to get involved, because we all need to work together, without delay, to create a more sustainable future,” Marja Innanen emphasises.

Commitment2050 service for citizens

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