State of nature and the environment

Ecological sustainability is the foundation of sustainable development and a prerequisite for long term human wellbeing. The capacity of natural systems to sustain functions that are vital to the wellbeing of humans and other species has been compromised. Human activities must be adapted to the renewable capacity of nature and the ability of nature to bear these activities so that we can ensure the opportunities for good living, both in Finland and globally.

Through the indicators noted below we can assess the state of biodiversity, water, air quality, and public input to environmental protection.

Indicators chosen by the network of experts

  1. Dead wood in forests and high nature value farmland
  2. Phosphorus and nitrogen load on the Baltic Sea from Finnish rivers
  3. Atmospheric sulphur, nitrogen and fine particulate emissions in Finland
  4. Environmental protection expenditure included in the statistics in Finland

Linkage to the objectives of Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Decision-making respectful of nature
Lifestyles respectful of the carrying capacity of nature

State of nature and the environment 2020
Biodiversity is declining, effectiveness of environmental protection must be improved

12.4.2021 9.48
Finland has failed to reach is target of halting biodiversity loss by 2020. 12% of Finland’s species and nearly half of the country’s natural habitats are endangered. Our development is not ecologically sustainable. Although we have succeeded in significantly reducing many emissions, we are generally causing excessive burden on the environment.

State of nature and the environment 2019
Finland’s air quality is good, but its biodiversity is diminishing

6.3.2020 15.24
In accordance with the goals for sustainable development, our activities must be adapted in the long term to nature’s carrying capacity and ability to renew so that we can secure good possibilities for life in Finland and globally.

State of nature and the environment 2017
The focus of environmental protection is shifting from cutting emissions to preventing them

13.6.2018 12.24
Based on measurements using various indicators, the state of the environment in Finland has been improving during the previous decades as efforts to cut down the emissions caused by major individual sources of environmental stress have been successful. The focus of environmental protection is shifting from reducing emissions to preventing them, i.e. the promotion of circular economy.