Resource-wise economy and carbon-neutral society

The objectives of a resource-wise economy and carbon-neutral society are founded on the growth in global consumption and the pressure this causes to the carrying capacity of our planet. Production and consumption must be cleaner and more responsible, as well as more efficient.

In line with the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, our aim is a carbon-neutral society. Key means to reach the objectives include higher energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable forms of energy in a sustainable way, production and export of climate-friendly products and services, and development of the low-emission sectors of the economy. To promote a resource-wise economy we will increase resource and material efficiency, a circular economy, business models that multiply the productivity of natural resources, investments and experiments in all sectors.

Indicators chosen by the network of experts

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions and removals
  2. Growing stock increment and drain
  3. Share of renewable energy in energy use
  4. Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) funding for resource efficient and carbon neutral solutions
  5. Natural resource/raw material consumption, breakdown

Linkage to the objectives of Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Sustainable employment
Sustainable society and local communities
A carbon-neutral society
A resource-wise economy
Decision-making respectful of nature

The resource-wise economy and carbon neutral society 2021
Greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing and the share of renewable energy was at a record-high level in 2020

13.1.2022 12.55
Kuvituskuva artikkeliin. Kuvassa puita kuvattuna alhaalta taivaaseen päin.
Finland is advancing in accordance with its carbon neutrality targets. The share of renewable energy has reached another record high, as 44.6 per cent of total final consumption of energy comes from renewable sources. Anniversary of forest growth monitoring; 100 years of National Forest Inventory! In addition, the demand for carbon-neutral and resource-efficient innovation subsidies is exceptional in 2020, the year of COVID-19.

A resource-wise economy and carbon-neutral society 2020
The foundations of resource wisdom have improved, but there is still work to be done on the path towards emission reduction

12.4.2021 9.49
Finland’s timber stock continues to grow favourably, and greenhouse gas emissions are on a reasonable track. Business Finland is providing increasing funding for the development of carbon-neutral and resource-efficient solutions.

A resource-wise economy and carbon-neutral society 2019
Public funding for resource-efficient and carbon-neutral solutions increased slightly

6.3.2020 15.23
Monitoring basket indicators illustrate the basic factors of a climate neutral and resource-wise economy, such as greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, the exploitation of natural resources and public investment to address challenges.

A resource-wise economy and carbon neutral society 2017
Finland's timber stock is growing favourably, greenhouse gas emissions have taken a new upward turn

14.6.2018 10.17
The resource wisdom of the Finnish economy is based on production with specific power as well as energy-efficient solutions. Finland is an energy and material intensive country due to the structure of its production, sparse population, long distances and, in part, cold climate conditions. While the share of services in the economy has increased, services also consume energy and require other production input.