Consumption and public procurement

The objective of the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development is to create sustainable and safe communities where there are viable rural and urban areas, less need for transport, and strong community spirit and participation. The aim is to contribute to bringing the global consumption of natural resources on a level that is environmentally sustainable.

Reaching the objectives depends on changes in the technologies as well as adapting the society to a more resource-wise and lower-emission economy. The global ecological footprint of consumers and companies must be reduced. At the same time the export of sustainable Finnish solutions may increase our positive carbon handprint. Consumer choices that conserve natural resources in housing, transport and food must be as easy and profitable as possible. The public sector should serve as a facilitator and example in this. 

Indicators chosen by the network of experts

  1. Carbon footprint of consumption
  2. Consumption of vegetable, meat and fish based foods
  3. Average carbon dioxide emissions of cars and vans registered for the first time
  4. Trends in municipal waste

Linkage to the objectives of Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Sustainable society and local communities
Lifestyles respectful of the carrying capacity of nature
Decision-making respectful of nature