Housing and communities

In line with the Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, our aim is to promote housing solutions that suit the varying life situations. We need sustainable and safe communities where jobs, housing, diverse services, sustainable transport systems and green and water areas support economic, social, cultural and ecological wellbeing.

The need for transport must be reduced while creating community structures that encourage to healthy and sustainable mobility. Excessive differentiation and growing inequality of communities must be prevented by maintaining a balanced population structure. We must prepare for the changing climate and hydrological conditions

Indicators chosen by the network of experts

  1. Number of people over the age of 75 living in their own home
  2. Housing expenditure
  3. Intact community structures and conditions for public transportation
  4. Access to grocery stores
  5. Flood risk

Linkage to the objectives of Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

Equal prospects for well-being
A participatory society for citizens
Sustainable society and local communities
A resource-wise economy