Global responsibility and policy coherence

Global responsibility and policy coherence are key principles in the implementation of sustainable development. Decisions made in different policy areas and different administrative branches significantly impact the reaching of goals not only domestically but also globally.

The overarching theme of the 2030 Agenda is that no one is left behind in the pursuit of development. In line with global responsibility, Finland must ensure that others also have the opportunity to  pursue and promote sustainable development. The world’s challenges are Finland’s challenges too.

The indicators in the monitoring criteria for global responsibility and coherence are:

  1. Finland’s developments using the sub-index of the Commitment to Development index in assessing Finland’s trade policy
  2. Finland’s imports and exports measured in tons and by material type
  3. Finland's development cooperation funding trend
  4. Finnish participation in international crisis management

Indicators related to global responsibility are included in other monitoring criteria too, such as the consumption footprint, Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions control, numbers of quota refugees and those who have been granted asylum, and the global social responsibility of small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland.