Operational Commitments

In order to reach the objectives detailed in Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development, operational commitments will be established with societal operators, such as companies, municipalities, organisations, administration, educational institutions, and local actors. Private individuals can also make operational commitments.

By making operational commitments, the actors commit themselves to doing their part in attaining the set objectives. The operational commitments include concrete measures, changes in operating procedures and innovative trials that promote the shared goals and that can be carried out in 5 to 10 years. Through these concrete commitments, operators can take part in the promotion of all or just some of the shared objectives both in Finland and globally. By making a commitment, the operators participate in the national implementation of the global agenda for sustainable development, Agenda2030.

The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development and its general secretariat are responsible for establishing the commitments. All the commitments are made available to the public in the online service commitment2050.fi


Guidelines for making a commitment

1. Make a decision

Identify a relevant theme or issue in the operations of your organisation that could form a natural and sensible foundation for your commitment. The commitment can aim to develop your own operations, boost the achievement of an already existing objective, introduce a completely new operations model, product or solution, or increase the awareness of a certain issue or procedure in society. In order for the commitment process to have real impact, the operational commitment must contain something new for the organisation making the commitment. A concrete commitment must strive to promote one or more of the shared goals of Society's Commitment.

You can make a commitment alone, together with another operator or with the entire industry, or you may challenge others to make their own commitments. Operational commitments do not need to be restricted only to Finland; in accordance with the principles of sustainable development (globality, cross-generationality), a commitment may also concern production chains, countries or functions outside Finland.  The commitment may be small or big, a long-term change or a campaign-like act.

2. Register your commitment online

An operational commitment can be made at commitment2050.fi.

A commitment must include

  • a title
  • objectives and indicators
  • a timetable
  • possibly some additional information related to the commitment to be shared with others.

3. From thought to action - and monitoring!

Attainment of the set goals requires work, monitoring and active communication. Once the commitment has been registered online and published, it becomes public. The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, its general secretariat, and an expert panel monitor and support the commitments and their progress.

The general secretariat requests the operators that have made a commitment to report on the progress of the commitment twice a year. The commitment holder reports on the progress in the same online database where the commitment was made. The commitment holders can also report on the progress of their commitment based on their own monitoring systems or reporting schedules.